Revolution and Evolution

Like the head-rolling French revolution of 1789, revolution is fast.  One day the nation is ruled by Kings and nobles. Next day the King’s got no head. It’s fast.

            Evolution is slower. Now there’s dinosaurs and no men (or women). Ten million years later, there’s women (and men). Thirty years ago we were ooohing and aaaahing over hand-held calculators that were as big as a paperback book. Thirty years later we can fit a calculator and a watch on a wristband, and even a two year-old can operate a globe-girdling emailing Blackberry.

            Political parties are creations and creators of both revolution and evolution. Abe Lincoln’s Republican Party was the party that led the USA’s fight against slavery. Back then, the Republican Party was the party that attracted and held on to the votes of black Americans. Now that kind of black support has mostly gone over to the Democratic Party. That’s evolution.

            Same here at 32N64W.

            Around 2200hrs on Monday 9th November 1998, three hundred years of white political and racial domination ended. A present and a future changed. That was the revolution and the revolutionary moment. Since then, us lot at 32N64W have been part of an evolutionary process.

            The wild-eyed starry-eyed revolutionaries of the PLP have taken control of all the reins and wheels of government. They’ve moved on from surging to the barricades and fighting for equality and freedom for black folk.  Properly and openly supported by the majority of voters, who just happen to be black, they’re now they’re running the country. Now, as government, they’re doing what all governments do. They’re jailing black folk, issuing Work Permits to white foreigners, and, every now and again, evicting black tenants. So, as I always expected, the PLP has evolved into an ordinary governing party doing the mundane – and sometimes unpleasant – things that all governing parties have to do. That evolution is continuing.

            Nine years down the evolutionary path, the PLP has to continue to evolve – and evolve even more rapidly – into a party of excellent technocrats and sound managers who can stay ahead of the demands created by our sophisticated society operating a complex economy in an intensely competitive global marketplace.

            That’s what the PLP has to do.  It needs to stay on that course and stay ahead in the global race.

            Over the fence and out in the cold, there’s the UBP. The November 1998 revolution tossed that party out into the cold. That toss-out happened as fast as Louis XVI’s guillotined royal head separated from his royal body. The UBP now has to evolve from what it was into what it needs to be.  

            But what was the UBP? It was a party created solely in order to take control of the reins and wheels of governments as well as, and particularly, to sustain white political domination over Bermuda’s black majority. Around 2200hrs on November 1998, that changed. Going forward, the UBP either keeps to its creator’s ethos and remains a white party seeking to re-establish white domination as in the thirty decades before 1998; or the UBP evolves into something else.

            Unless I am mistaken, unless I am completely wrong, unless I am mis-reading every written, spoken, and implied communication; I do not believe that white Bermudians want a return to the ‘good old days’ when Bermuda was rife with Institutional Discrimination, full of unabashed racial prejudice, and accepted that people like Alex Outerbridge could be handled so shamelessly.

            But if white Bermudians stick together so resolutely, that they only join and vote for the UBP, I am left puzzled. Confused! What – just what – principles, policies and practices does today’s UBP advocate that causes and sustains such strong one-sided racial cohesion?    

            Is the UBP of 2007 the same as the UBP of 1997 and 1987 and 1977 and 1967? If the UBP has evolved, into what has it evolved? Or is it just an old white ‘dinosaur’ that’s about to fade into some geologic layer there to await re-discovery, in a distant 3007, by some keen student of political palaeontology ?

            What has the UBP evolved into?  What is the UBP? Can anyone tell me? Please…?

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