Tiny Bermuda took on massive India and made India work hard to get us. After going down to Sri Lanka in 78 runs and 24 overs; Bermuda stood up to India, won 156 runs, and lasted for 43 overs. David Hemp unbeaten at 76; Dean Minor’s bails scattering stump-out; and Malachi Jones’ bowling and two superb catches showed how technically good we can be. Sluggo Leverock’s superb one-handed backwards falling catch was an awesome sight [see video below]. Janeiro Tucker’s fast moving catch gave us a slice of time that needs re-running many times over. That last big stand at the wicket matching David Hemp with Sluggo and his gritty determination gave us a series of big moments.

But more than anything else, tiny Bermuda stood up to big India, lasted for 43 overs, and scored Bermuda’s highest score in the WCC tournament. Though it will be our last game in this great adventure, I’m looking forward to seeing Bermuda take on Bangladesh.


I’m proud and I’m happy for our team and for us. Minnows? More like puppy sharks!


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