Men used to walk around with rapiers and duel one another. Later, it was flintlock pistols. Then revolvers. Nowadays, all these weapons are banned. Nowadays, you can’t even walk around with a kitchen knife, or baseball bat, or machete without some officious person in a blue uniform wanting to stop you and arrest you under some section of some Act for breaking some law or other that says you can’t possess an ‘offensive weapon’.

I guess things had to come to this. After all, it’s just not nice to go around mashing people up with guns and knives and baseball bats and crash helmets etc… It seems, though, that today’s best weapon may be your car or your bike.

The way Bermuda’s Magistrates are building Bermuda’s case law, it seems that the best way to manage a confrontation with someone would be to run that person over – several times – with your bike. Or, kill her with your car.

Whatever you do though, don’t slap her face or hit her with your crash helmet.  That would be a SERIOUS crime!


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