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Born into a segregated Bermuda in 1942, Larry has seen many changes to his island home.

He began his literary career in 1991, and since then has been a regular newspaper columnist with over 700 pieces published as well as four books; Behind the Shield | Rise of the Faceless | Emergence of Terrorism and the Role of the West and Fine as Wine. More information on his books can be found here.

Prior to his writing career he was a professional soldier with the Bermuda Regiment and the British Army with time served in Barbados, Canada, England, Jamaica, Germany, Northern Ireland, Norway, St. Lucia and the USA. During his military career he became the first black soldier as well as the first Bermudian to serve as Regimental Sergeant Major and received the Royal Victorian Medal as a personal award from Queen Elizabeth ll in 1975.

In 1993 he became closely involved in politics and went on to serve as co-chairman of a successful political campaign which saw the party he supported come to power after losing seven consecutive elections. He went on to become a senior civil servant.

Married for almost 40 years to his wife Patricia, Larry has two adult children and still resides “on the rock” – Bermuda.

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